3 must do to discover the 1000 colors of Valparaiso


Valparaiso (Chile) is no quite like any city you have seen before. Authentic cable cars more than a century old link the cranes of the harbour to the mansions on the top of the hills. Art and colors are omnipresent, from the big industrial buildings to little cobled passages almost hidden to the visitor. Once a pirates´ retreat, rich during the XIX century, hurt by many earthquarkes, the messy city has attracted creative and intellectual for decades. And well, you have to admit, it’s difficult not to fall under the charm of Valparaiso.

Enjoy art at every corner

The thing that you will remember the most from your visit in Valparaiso will probably be the colorfull paintings covering the grey facades of the all city. Ancient mansions and modern graffitis co-exist in an harmonious mess, bringing a smile on your face even under grey skies. Anonymous and famous artist collaborate to this living and ever changing piece of art. This is street art at its best, and it’s for free!

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Ride 150 years old cable cars

If Valparaiso has been compared by some to San Francisco, it´s probably due to its many cable cars. Built between 1883 and 1916, the cable cars are a strong part in the city´s identity. Originally, some were running on steam power. Today they are a fun way to get up the hills of the city, quickly and without effort! (Ride between 100 and 300Ch one way).


Visit the atmospheric house of a poet

Over looking Valparaiso Bay, Pablo Neruda´s house

Dive into the universe of Pablo Neruda, chilean poet and ambassador in Spain and France, in his house La Sebastiana.  Architects and dreamers will fall in love with this unconventionnal house where every detail had been carefully selected by the owner. It will also give you the best views among the cities. (Entrance 5000Ch, 1500Ch for students).


Looking for the beach?

The beach resort town of Viña del Mar is just a short (20 min) bus ride away, perfect for a half day trip.


Make it happen:

  • From Santiago, buses to Valparaiso leave every hour and take about 1h30 (3000-6500Ch)
  • Looking for a lunch place? Delicatessen on Uriola 383, serves a goumet 3 courses menu with aperitif included. Fresh and cooked under your eyes!

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