A taste of peruvian gastronomy at Mistura food festival, Lima

If you are in Lima this week (5-14 September 2014), you shouldn’t miss Mistura, the biggest food festival of South America! Mistura is the perfect place to try many local specialities -included the famous guinea pig!- on a budget.

Here is what we tried when we visited the fair (I must admit, everything was really tasty!).

Gastronomic peruvian menu:

Ceviche (fresh raw sea food marinated in lemon)



Cuy al palo (spit roasted guinea pig)



Chanco al palo (spit roasted pig)


Picarón (squash and sweet potatoe donut served with honey)

Little Big Explorations’ tips for Mistura festival:

  • Plan a few hours to visit the fair. We headed over Mistura around 17.30, which gave us enough time to check the large amount of stalls before making our choice. You can stay a bit longer after dinner, the fair also has many beer and cocktail bars.
  • Entrance fee costs 25 soles and each dish around 13-16 soles. Order one portion of each dish and share with a friend, and you will enjoy a fantastic gastronomic Peruvian meal for only $15 per person!

Buen provecho!

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