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Currently: living in London, United Kingdom

I turned 30 and it has been just a year I moved (back) to the United Kingdom and I just start to feel like home there. I start to have some favourite places to eat, I know where to stand on the platform to take the tube and I know which route to take to make it pleasant to run from the office back home – a 11km run.

A month ago I completed Vasaloppet, a 90 km cross country challenge that takes place in Sweden. I was a bit nervous, as this is the last milestone to complete what is known as “The Swedish Classics” a serie 4 different classic races that you have to complete within 12 months. I am so thrilled did it :-).

Just as we entered spring I went on a outdoors week-end to explore Peak district (UK), it was grandiose – stay tuned for a blog pots out this soon.

This are a few of the things I planned for the upcoming months

  • A few days of hiking in Lake District National Park
  • For Easter, a long week-end in family to celebrate some important birthday milestones. I am excited to go back to Split, Croatia at this occasion.
  • London sprint triathlon
  • A summer outdoor trip to Scotland

Yes – it will be lots of focus on exploring our new home country!

As for the blog, I have in the plans to write a bit more about France. I realise how little information about my home country you can find on the blog. There is more of this coming – I promise.

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Last update: April 2017

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