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I gathered on this page all the posts I have written since the start of the blog, gathered by destinations. Already know where you want to travel? Use the links below to get directly to the relevant sections or just keep scrolling to browse. Happy discoverings!

Europe: Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, France, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden

South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru, Uruguay

Asia: Sri Lanka

About travel in general

10 reasons to try adventure travel – because too many people ask “Why would you do that?”

Essential packing tips for backpackers – learnings from the field

In my trekking backpack – My ultimate packing list for when going trekking

How to choose the best backpack for you

How to never be cold again – My tips for hiking, cycling, or doing any kind of activity when the weather is cold and miserable.

Travel with older loved ones  – About sharing time with your older loved ones travelling – yes, it’s possible!

Are you too old to take a gap year? Spoiler: the answer is no – whatever age you are!

I am looking for someone to share an adventure – How it all started when I quit my job and went to travel for 8 months

100 days on the road and these things we didn’t tell – Share a good laugh by reading about my inglorious moments on the road

Christmas in Bariloche – about how it feels to spend Christmas far from home when you are travelling

Enjoy 2015 like a gaucho – Philosophy of life learnt in Uruguay

A before and an after – Opinion post written after the Paris attacks in November 2015


Adventure travel in Europe

Great Britain (Where I live now)

Hiking mount Snowdon, a lovely escape in Snowdonia National Park in Wales, perfect for a week-end getaway.

Cycling the Tour de Yorkshire, an intense challenge of 200km cycling in the british countryside. Don’t worry, there are plenty of pubs on the way!


Itinerary – 5 days Bosnia-Hercegovina getaway – an itinerary for a first trip in Bosnia.

Vibrant Sarajevo, a capital to discover- Have your ever considered visited Sarajevo?

What to taste and where to eat in Sarajevo– Because you can’t leave Bosnia without having a turkish coffee or a burek.

Summer Day in Bjelasnica, loneliness and travel in time Discover the remote village of Lukomir, stuck in the past but just 2h from Sarajevo

When the road becomes the destination: Neretva river scenic drive… Bosnia’s most wanted road-trip!


Itinerary – Coast and island hopping, 2 weeks – From Zadar to Dubrovnik, via Hvar and other islands. An example of what you can do in 2 weeks in Croatia.

3 beautiful croatian islands accessible by ferry – Perfect for the ones travelling by bus.


Adventures in the Verdon, the grand canyon of Provence – A 25km canyon located in the south of France, a playground for hiking, clibing, rafting or driving.

Pleasures of Provence, a 5 days itinerary in the south of France – combining history, nature and gastronomy.

Traditional recipe of French Crêpes to celebrate Mardi Gras – Tested and approved around the world, this is my secret recipe to bring with me a little bit of France to wherever I travel.


The priceless beauty of the norwegian fjords – Norway is among the most expensive destinations in the world… but it worths every penny!


Bled, ideal stop on your Eastern Europe road trip – from the Balkans to Austria, this is the perfect place to stop for a day.


All my articles and tips about Stockholm are gathered on this page: Little Big Stockholm.

Is it crazy to visit Stockholm in winter? The truth, and only the truth!

Kungsleden, a 7 days trek above the Arctic Circle – A swedish classic, this trail brings you in the wild mountains of Lappland for a trek of 5 to 30 days!

I tried ski touring and this is why you should do. A great activity I discovered during a vacation in the mountain station of Åre, in Sweden.

A week-end in Kungshamn, on the west coast of Sweden – Perfect get-away, an hour from Göteborg

Competing for the Swedish Classic (“En Svensk Klassiker”) – the ultimate viking fitness challenge

How to celebrate your very own Swedish midsummer – a great way to get into the swedish culture and to get close to the Swedes!


Adventure travel in South America

7 months itinerary in South America: a trip of a lifetime – Where I went during my 2014/2015 trip and tips to plan your itinerary on this continent

How much does it cost to travel 7 months in South America? Let’s talk big trip, big dream and money.

About turning 28 after 222 days of travel in South America – Spoiler: it feels great!


Hiking around El Chalten – a 3 day trek by Fitz Roy a guide to one of Patagonia’s hiker paradise

Dirt roads and grandiose landscapes: a roadtrip around Salta. 2 to 3 days in the north of Argentina with landscapes that will blow your mind away.

Meat, music and dancing, welcome to Argentina! – All is said. Dinner in a traditional peña in Salta!

Did you say tango? Get into the passionate universe of Tango during your stay in Buenos Aires.

A guide to prepare your visit to the falls of Iguazu – Tips for your visit for the impressive Argentinians and Brazilian falls

5 ways to get close to glaciers in Patagonia – Hiking, kayaking or boat trip? How will you get close to the impressive Perito Moreno or other glaciers of Argentina and Chile.

Rio Azul loop, 3 day trek around El Bolson – Discover some of the great hiking possibilities of the area of El Bolson (Argentina)

Mummies and mountains – a creepy visit to the museum – Not sure what to do in Salta? read this article if you dare.

Christmas in Bariloche, Lake District – Thoughts on spending Christmas far from home


Joining the 6000 club – If you are thinking about climbing Huayna Potosi in Bolivia, read this.

Want to meet a real witch? Go to La Paz Read this to get an idea of how crazy La Paz is and why we loved it (you might not agree).

Coroico – when it’s time to unplug – A relaxing retreat 2h from bustling La Paz

Is going to the mine something for you? The question I asked myself when we reached the mining city of Potosi

The silver of Potosi – Hier kommt die Sonne – The story of the actual visit to the biggest silver mine in the world

Exploring Salar de Uyuni: the good, the bad and the ugly – What to expect when going to the world’s biggest salt desert

The road from Potosi to Uyuni – a great day on the road



A glimpse of the Brazilian carnival, even if you don’t come in February – Dive in the universe of the Samba schools for a night you will remember!

Football madness: Brazil – A must do during your trip in Brazil: attending a football game, and why not doing it in the legendary Maracaña stadium in Rio de Janeiro?

A guide to prepare your visit to the falls of Iguazu – Practical guide to visit one of the most beautiful nature wonder of South America.

5 reasons why Ilha Grande feels like a little paradise… and 5 reasons for you to visit it.

Travel in time in the charming town of Parati – A lovely destination, two hours from Rio de Janeiro

Sao Paulo’s gourmet secrets – My tips about what to taste and where to eat in the megalopole of Sao Paolo.

Around Ilha Catharina (Florianopolis) by scooter Read this if you were hopping for better weather.


Mountain biking in the Atacam desert (Valle de la Luna) – A practical guide to go mountain biking on your own in Atacama desert

3 must do to discover the 1000 colors of Valparaiso, one of the most charming cities of the continent.

Trekking options in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile – The ultimate post to prepare you hike on one of the most beautiful trail in the world, with tips, resources and a zoom on the Circuit.

Under the charm of Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia – Read this to forget about the office: a photo essay with diary extras from our 9 days Circuit trek in the National Park

5 ways to get close to the glaciers of Patagonia – How about ice trekking in Torres del Paine NP?

On the road of the Chilean Tierra del Fuego (Porvenir and around) – Remote, deserted, Tierra del Fuego is one of these destinations with a bit of magic. Not so much happen there… Read this article to find out why go anyway.

It’s the final countdown, 2 months in Chile and Argentina – How we planned to spend 2 months travelling in the 2 countries

Into the wild – our first trek in autonomy – Guess what, it didn’t go all according to plan…


Travelling in Colombia on a budget – How much does it cost to travel in Colombia and budget tips

Cartagena – where it all started for the conquistadores and us! The city that many travellers fall in love for.

Raiders of the Lost City,  Ciudad Perdida trek – Hike 4 days in the jungle to explore remaining of a pre-colombian archaeologic site. A little Machu Picchu, far from being crowded

A short guide to Taganga – backpacker paradise – Beach destination and much more

Guatape, little gem of Colombia between lakes and zocalos –  2 hours for Medellinthe perfect countryside destination.

7 steps to your perfect Colombian coffee – The story behind your morning cup of coffee

What you think of under the shower – All bathroom were not created equal.


Highlights of Ecuador – Two and three weeks itinerary, to inspire you to discover this small countries between ocean, jungle and the Andes mountains.

Hiking Quilotoa’s loop, one of Ecuador’s best self-guided trek – A guide to hike the beautiful Quilotoa Loop on your own (3 to 7 days)

How I almost bought a pig at the Guantualo market – A true and hilarious story that will get you into the ambiance of Ecuador’s markets

Buying a tigua painting, a memory from the Quilotoa Loop in vibrant colors – It is not every day you meet a famous painter

Hiking on Copotaxi glacier under the moonlight (5000m) – Considering climbing Cotopaxi volcano? Read this.

To the submit of Fuya-Fuya, an accessible submit at 4263m – A guide to a great day hike, just an hour away from Otavalo.

Zip line above Mindo’s cloud forest – A fun activity to try in Mindo

A visit to las seniors del mercado central in Quito – The colours, the smell and the smiles of Ecuador.

Breaking news – glacier climb under the moonlight at 5284m

Bucket list – sitting at the back of a pick-up truck – On every traveller’s list!

First timer: fishing piranhas in the Amazonas

Wondering how does Ecuador look like? Check this,  this and also this.


A dream vacation in the Galapagos for $150 per day, all included – The destination for animal lovers is not among the cheapest, but with a bit of organisation you can make it affordable.

Snorkelling in the Galapagos, because you don’t need to dive to see sharks (or sea turtles) – A guide to the best snorkelling of the Galapagos islands.

Want to dream? Check this  Diving in the Galapagos in 2 min video or a few pictures here, or  here


About trekking to Machu Pichu, read: Salkantay trek to Machu Pichu: it’s like Peru in a nutshell and  How much should you pay for your trek to Machu Picchu?

Is Machu Picchu really worth the hype? Read this article to find out.

How to get a stunning view of Machu Picchu – Machu Picchu mountain or Huayna Picchu?

The salinas of Maras, another inca heritage site you should visit – A day trip from Cusco to discover a bit the sacred valley.

A taste of Peruvian gastronomy a Mistura food festival, Lima – Hold every year early September, this is the biggest food festival of Peru.


Enjoy 2015 like a gaucho – Thoughts about simple life, from an uruguayan ranch.


Adventure travel in Asia

Sri Lanka

Thoughts – From being back from Sri Lanka to read if your are considering visiting this beautiful country

Highlights of Sri Lanka, a 2 weeks itinerary – Where to go and what to do in Sri Lanka is you are visiting the country for the first time

Discover Sri Lanka for less than $50 a day – set up your budget

5200 steps within Buddha and Marco Polo’s steps – The story of my pilgrimage to Adam’s Peak pilgrimage.

Tips for Sri Pada/ Adam’s Peak hike – A guide to climb to the top of holly Adam’s Peak

Why we travel by bus in Sri Lanka and why you should do the same

A ride in the dark – the kind of story that makes trips memorable.


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