And after all these years, I finally bought crocs

Crocs don´t leave anyone indifferent. You either love them or despite them. And for years -since they came to the market to be honest- I hated them. I went on big monologues about how ugly and unfashionnable they were.

But here I am, years after. I just bought crocs.


Don´t worry, it´s not the long term travel to South America that took away any remaining sense of fashion. True, you have to make some concessions when you are backpacking. But so far, in good representant of French fashion, I never fully sacrificed style for confort or practicality. Come on, I even bought pink espadrillas to keep some feminine touch in my outfits!

So what happened?

With our excursion to the Galapagos islands getting closer, the need to find suitable footware for wet landings became obvious. Every single lucky traveller who went to the islands talked about these tours where you have to get off the boat in water or on slippery rocks. Flip-flops are simply a not good enough option.

After 3 days of research, in all the shops of Puerto Lopez and Montanita (Pacific Coast of Ecuador), I had to face the ugly truth: either I will have to invest in expensive “diver like” boots or, I will have to make the biggest faux pas ever since Andrea Sachs in “Devil wears Prada“.

At least, I will match with the local blue footed boobies that populate the islands…

Well, it was only $4.


3 thoughts on “And after all these years, I finally bought crocs

  1. REGIS DUREY says:

    Originales les chaussures !
    Superbe la phot des oiseaux !
    Sais tu qui suit votre périple sur votre blog ? ??? Constance (si tu te souviens d’elle), une ancienne élève qui est venue un jour à la maison pour te rencontrer car elle prévoyait de faire 1 école de commerce, elle a mal tourné : elle a fini prof !!!

  2. Claudine says:

    Funny! these shoes are very useful to walk in the water, not to dance or to go to a fashion parade!!!
    read you soon.
    Very big kisses!

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