Around Ilha Catharina (Florianopolis) by scooter

So far on our trip we have not been so lucky with the weather when we were on the coast. Florianopolis and Ilha Catharina followed the tradition: we woke up with the sound of the rain and under grey clouds. It was easy to indulge ourselves in not doing much the all day… But this was our unique full day on the island before continuing South!

So we decided to rent a scooter.

Me on the scooter, just pretending (I don't have a moto license)

Me on the scooter, just pretending (I don’t have a moto license)


Luckily, the rental agent gave us a funky yellow Suzuki which literally lighten up our day! The freedom and the feeling of the wind on our cheeks just put a big smile on our faces. We went from beach to beach under grey clouds but had such a great time: laughing while encouraging our little 125cc to bring both of us to the top of a steep hill or “speeding” at not even 70km.

Sometimes, you just have to create your own sunshine


Make it happen – rent a scooter on Ilha Grande:

  • Florianopolis and Ilha Grande are located 700km south of São Paulo (12h of bus).
  • To rent a scooter in Brazil you need to be 25 and have a scooter/ moto driver license
  • There are plenty of places renting scooters around the island. In Lagoa da Conceição, you can rent a scooter at Buco da Costa just before the bridge (around $25/ day).


And at the end of the day, the sun made a quick apparition on playa Joaquina.




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