Discover Sri Lanka for less than $50 a day

Discover Sri Lanka for less than $50 a day

Discover Sri Lanka for less than $50 a day

Most of travellers know that slowing down your travel is a good way to enjoy more and spend less. However, let’s face it: we don’t all have the possibility to go on trips for more than 2 or 3 weeks but it doesn’t mean we want to spend lots of money.

Good news is, Sri Lanka is one of the countries in the world where you can experience a lot, in a short amount of time (see my 2 weeks highlights itinerary) and stay on a budget of $50 a day.


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Highlights of Sri Lanka – 2 weeks itinerary

There is a lots to see on this small island called Sri Lanka ! Beaches, Ruins, Temples, Hikes… the country offers plenty of adventures. Though, the short distances should allow you to discover a lot of its wonders even if you have only 2 weeks. Discover my suggestion of 2 weeks itinerary for a first visit to Ceylan.


The complex of temples of Polonnaruwa is so huge that you should dedicate a complete day to explore it.

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Tips for Sri Pada/ Adam’s Peak hike (Sri Lanka)

For lots of travellers who went to Sri Lanka, the hike of Adam’s Peak which combines climbing a 2200m peak and diving into buddhism spirituality and traditions,  is one of the highlights of their trip. (You can read the story of my own pilgrimage to get an idea). Thinking about doing it yourself? Good pick, here are a few tips for making it happen!

Sri Pada’s shadow over the cloudy summits of the hill country.

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5200 stairs, within Buddha and Marco Polo ‘s steps (Adam’s Peak pilgrimage)

2.40 am.  “Hey, good morning. It’s time to go.” It’s one of these mornings when you know snoozing is not option and when you just get up even if you just got a few hours of sleep. Like when you have to take an early plane or are going on vacation and the excitement awakes 2 min before the alarm rang.

Water, check. biscuits and fruits, check. Flash light, check. Sarong to be used as a scarf – apparently it can get pretty cold in Sri Lanka, check. Let’s go.

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A ride in the dark

“I know a good place for you. White Elephant really good. Green house, not good. I can arrange room for you, ok?”

We exchanged a quick look. It was enough. “No, we go to Green House. You agreed to drive us there. We booked at Green house.” -we didn’t. And we were just hoping that this guesthouse, mentioned in our Lonely Planet will still have a bed for us at this late time of the night.

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Locals in Kandy

From being back from Sri Lanka

As I lay down on my bed, closing my eyes and trying to sleep to recover from the jet lag. But something is wrong, and my brain would not want to sleep. The silence. Something I have not heard for 2 weeks. In Sri Lanka, my ear was constantly stimulated. And maybe for the first time, I listen to the silence. Behind the double glazing, I get wrapped by this deep, heavy silence and I almost got scarred.

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