Itinerary Bosnia Herzegovina 5 days getaway

Go to Bosnia Herzegovina!

It’s just a short flight away from European capitals. It’s affordable (read: cheap for Europe). It’s has a lot to offer in a small country, meaning you can see a lot in a bit more than a weekend. Ice on the cake, it’s still uncrowded of tourists!

Go to BiH, discover Sarajevo

Go to BiH, discover Sarajevo

First time in Bosnia – what to do

I am sharing below a suggestion for a first visit to BiH. In 5 days the itinerary features various points of interest: trendy capital, scenic drive, UNESCO sites, postcard villages, rural landscapes in mountainous areas. The itinerary is concentrated in the south part of Herzegovina so you don’t have to spend hours on the roads.

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Summer day in Bjelašnica, loneliness and travel in time (BiH)

Once the “most isolated village of Bosnia”, Lukomir probably lost that status when it made it to guide books . If you might be disappointed by the village itself, the splendors of the hike in the Bjelasnica mountain guarantees you won’t regret your trip.

Summer day in Bjelašnica: from Umoljani to Lukomir in pictureS

It took us only 1 hour from Sarajevo to get there. Just 1h from the busy, vibrant capital. And here we were.


At times, it felt like we were in Switzerland. Only the Muslim cemetry to remind us we were not.

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Vibrant Sarajevo, a capital to discover

Why Sarajevo is your next weekend break destination

Named one of 2014 Best Trips by National Geographic, the “Urban Phoenix”, capital of young Bosnia Hercegovina will transport and surprise you. With a mix of history, spirituality, culture and gastronomy, Sarajevo offers an alternative to traditional week-end break destinations like Paris, Roma or Prague. Ice on the cake, it’s one of Europe hidden germs that crowds of tourists have not invaded yet!

Sarajevo is a seducing blend of Europe and Orient, a place where Austro-hungarian buildings complement elegantly a landscape where the red from the tile roofs dominates and dozen of minarets point to the sky.


The Sebilj drinking fountain by Pigeon Square,  Sarajevo’s symbol.

Some scars of the 1990s conflict may still be visible, but you will discover a city far from the images of media coverage of this period. And will be seduced by a warm and welcoming culture and by turkish heritage.

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New serie: Bosnia & Herzegovina unplugged

Forget everything you know about Bosnia!
In this serie, I invite to discover Bosnia & Hercegovina, young and vibrant country that you should definitely put on your travel list!
At the cross roads of Central Europe, Balkans and Ottoman influence, this relatively small country has a lot to offer, rich cultural experience, tasty food and exciting outdoor activities.

Glimpses of this Bosnia Hercegovina serie:


What to watch for in this serie:

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