First timer: fishing piranhas in the Amazonas

Known for their voracity and their sharp teeth, piranhas are among the most popular species of the Amazonas.

You need a fishing line, a hook and some meat (the bloodiest the best!), not much differs from traditional fishing. But you will be surprised by their ability to torn little pieces of meat without getting stuck on the hook!

Fishing piranhas is one of the highlights of many Amazonas trips, and most likely your guide will offer to cook your catch in big leafs, over the fire. Mmmmm.


Piranha fishing by night in bio reserve Limoncocha, Amazonas

Well, you have to catch some first… Adnan:2, Amandine:0.

I never liked fishing.


Bucket list – sitting at the back of a pick-up truck

Our 5 days hike on the Quilotoa Loop has been rich of adventures, emotions and new discoveries (come on, I almost bought a pig!). As we wait for the bus on the side of the road in the small village of Tigua, our final stop before returning to civilization, a pick-up truck stops. Do we want a ride to Latacunga for $5? We don´t hesitate long, there is no better way to enjoy the landscape one more time, and to conclude such a unique experience!

To the top of Mount Fuya-Fuya, an accessible summit at 4263m

The lagunas de Mojanda is one of the hidden gems of the countryside of Otavalo, in the north of Ecuador.  After 45min of slow drive on the old, bad, paved road (17km) that used to link Otavalo to Quito,  you discover the impressive laguna, sitting in the crater of a dead volcano. It´s in this majestic landscape that we climbed our first summit, Mount Fuya-Fuya, at 4263m.


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Picture of the day: end of afternoon on Plaza San Francisco, Quito

Built on ancient inca ruins, the Plaza San Francisco is one of the main public square of the equatorian capital. Sitting on a bench at the end of the afternoon, we watched  the comings and goings of quiteños (inhabitants of Quito). In the background, the statue of the winged Virgin overlooks the city from the hill “El Panecillo”.


Comings and goings of quiteños at the end of the afternoon, Plaza San Francisco, Quito (Ecuador)

A visit to las señoras del mercado central in Quito

We have now settled down for a few days in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. We are staying in the old town, the historical part of the city and making a daily visit to the mercado central (central market) for our food shopping.

After the third day in a row of shopping there, we start to have our habits and our favorite stands. This is fun! The colors, the smell are appealing and the products fresh. We are getting familiar with the señoras who now welcome us with big smiles. But señora Fabiola Menez, who sells the vegetables, is definitely my favorite of all!

Zip line above Mindo´s cloud forest

What is the best way to explore a cloud forest reserve with trees as high as 40m? Zip-lining! Up to 50m above ground, going from one edge of a mountain to the next  along a 100-300m long cable , with the feeling of the wind on your face and the adrenaline pumping in your heart. The closest to feel like flying… or like Tarzan! In Mindo, Ecuador.