One week itinerary on the Cote d’Azur (French Riviera)

The French riviera is probably known mostly around the world for its glamour, beauty and amazing coast line. For me, a girl from the north of France, used to grey skies and dark seas, The Cote d’Azur (Azur coast) name could not be more suitable for this place. It doesn’t matter if you are strolling by the expensive yachts in Monaco or just found the perfect local picnic spot on the rocks, wherever you go, the deep tones of the sea and the blue skies are an amazing background for your explorations.
 In this 7 days itinerary, I am sharing my favorite places in this area. Are you ready for a week of blue sea, luxury, picturesque villages and the fresh air of the sea?

A week where you will always keep nuances of blue in sight!

One week to explore French Riviera

Day 1: A day in pretty Nice

Day 2: Charming Provence village – Saint Paul de Vence

Day 3: A spectacular walk by the Antibes’s Cape

Day 4: An active day exploring the Esterel Massif

Day 5: A day in Cannes

Day 6: Iles de Lerins – Sainte Marguerite

Day 7: Frejus or Monaco

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Cycling the Tour de Yorkshire

So on a Friday after work, we put the bikes in the car and headed north for a week-end that will make our muscles burn. Since we decided to relocate to the UK we have been planning to go on week-end adventure to discover our new home country. After reading about the Tour de Yorkshire in Alastair Humphrey ‘s  book “Microadventures” we knew that this was the prefect combo of exploration and training for our big biking challenge, a month later.

On two wheels, around Yorkshire!

Yorkshire’s area got a tourist boost when Tour de France crossed it in 2014, and we decided to roughly cycle the same route as the peloton did. The countryside is lovely, there is not much traffic and the roads are in good condition. Fun ahead! We will start and end in the small town of Harrogate.

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Highlights of Ecuador, 2 and 3 weeks itinerary

If you want to discover South America but have only a few weeks in front of you, Ecuador is certainly the destination I will recommend. Andes, coast, amazon rainforest, traditions, colonial history… you can experience in Ecuador most of what South America has to offer, without wasting too much time in transportation (the country is one of the smallest of the continent).

In this article I put together my recommended itineraries for 2 or 3 weeks, both will allow you to discover the country and many of the things it has to offer. You will also get ideas for alternatives and practical information about transportation.

Friendly locals to help you find your way (from Sigchos to Insinlivi)

Friendly locals to help you find your way (from Sigchos to Insinlivi)

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7 months itinerary in South America: a trip of a lifetime

Are you looking to spend several months travelling in South America? This article is for you! In June  24, 2014 we left Europe for a trip of a lifetime, exploring South America. It took us 222 days to go “From the Caribbean to the end of the world“. It was magic.


Highlights of 6 months in South America

This is always a difficult question: what did you like the most in South America? Impossible to pic one thing but here is a list of few experiences that make it to the “top list”.

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Pleasures of Provence, a 5 day itinerary in the south of France

Last month, I took a late vacation to go back to my tender France and spend a week re-discovering the beautiful area of Provence. I had been there several time as a kid and remember the villages, the smell of the lavender and the taste of the fresh fruits and tomatoes.
Jump in the car, and start exploring with me the little roads of Provence. I am sharing tops things to see and to do in Provence, along with tips and good addresses as well as a 5 days itinerary between nature, food and history.

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Itinerary Croatia: coast and islands hopping 2 weeks

If you are dreaming of a vacation of old medieval and roman towns, national parks, beaches and great Mediterranean food, you picked up the right itinerary!

Inspire yourself from this itinerary to combine the discovery of the Croatian coast and the exploration of 3 great islands (Read related post: 3 beautiful croatian islands accessible by ferry). With this trip is doable by public transportation – i.e ferries and buses- you can get the best of both worlds, even if you don’t sail.

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Itinerary Bosnia Herzegovina 5 days getaway

Go to Bosnia Herzegovina!

It’s just a short flight away from European capitals. It’s affordable (read: cheap for Europe). It’s has a lot to offer in a small country, meaning you can see a lot in a bit more than a weekend. Ice on the cake, it’s still uncrowded of tourists!

Go to BiH, discover Sarajevo

Go to BiH, discover Sarajevo

First time in Bosnia – what to do

I am sharing below a suggestion for a first visit to BiH. In 5 days the itinerary features various points of interest: trendy capital, scenic drive, UNESCO sites, postcard villages, rural landscapes in mountainous areas. The itinerary is concentrated in the south part of Herzegovina so you don’t have to spend hours on the roads.

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Highlights of Sri Lanka – 2 weeks itinerary

There is a lots to see on this small island called Sri Lanka ! Beaches, Ruins, Temples, Hikes… the country offers plenty of adventures. Though, the short distances should allow you to discover a lot of its wonders even if you have only 2 weeks. Discover my suggestion of 2 weeks itinerary for a first visit to Ceylan.


The complex of temples of Polonnaruwa is so huge that you should dedicate a complete day to explore it.

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