Christmas in Bariloche, Lakes District (Argentina)

Many people asked me during the last days, how it will be to spend Christmas in Argentina. For the first time in twenty seven years (my age for those who do not know me), I will be far from home for Christmas, almost at the other side of the world…

Camping on Christmas, a first!

Well, to be honest, it didn’t really feel like Christmas for me. Far from the darkness of the winter (joy to travel in the south hemisphere), far from the constant marketing propaganda for finding the perfect gift and far from the family, it just didn’t feel like a special holiday at all.


Sure, on Christmas Eve when we met with other campers to share some good meat I could not help but think about my family. In this special moment, I missed them; and the joy to share some nice foie gras together at the light of many candles. Our hosts, the camping owners, shared some nice cider with us after midnight, an Argentinian tradition, far from the French ones (I must admit the cider was excellent!).

Hmmm… 850g of meat just for us two!


Though, I am not asking anyone for pity, we are really having the time of our life. A couple of days ago summer started here, synonym of long nights and asado (barbeque) period, that Adnan is taking full of opportunity to try to become an Argentinian master. And I should almost mention the sun and the amazing hikes in the deserted ski stations of the Lakes district…


Happy holiday season!

The view from Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, maybe one of the most beautiful views from a ski station in the world…



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