Did you say tango?

Tango: a dance of improvisation, born in the bordels of Buenos Aires at the end of XIXth century. Despised for decades by the sophisticated Argentinian class, it’s in Europe and particularly in Paris that the tango gained its recognition. A century later, travelers from all over the world book a night in Buenos Aires milongas (dance halls) to vibrate with the performances of the best tango dancers in the world.

If you visit to Buenos Aires, you have to go to a tango show, even if you are not really into dancing! In addition to the passion and the sensuality of the dance, you will be impressed by the acting game of the dancers and their ability to get into different character’s shoes (the flirty, the lovers, the young married couple…). You will also discover different tonality of tangos: melancholic, happy, modern and acrobatic… And you can enjoy the live performance while sipping a glass of champagne or enjoying a good piece of meat.

Make it happen

A night at a tango show:

  • You will find dozens of tango venues in Buenos Aires, with prices ranging from $20 to $200 for the show. Booking a few days in advance is recommended, especially for weekends. You almost always have the option to combine dinner + show.
  • We went to Esquina Homero Manzi and were really satisfied with the show ($35).

Start to dance:

  • For those of you who would like to try, many milongas teach the “Arte de caminar” (“art of walking”). You will discover how technical tango is, but after a few classes, you can start to enjoy it.
  • We liked La viruta: this school of the Palermo neighborhood offers drop-in tango classes and practice everyday. You can also book private classes ($40), probably the best option for travelers with limited time.

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