Does the Stockholm card worth it?

Like lots of touristy cities, Stockholm offers its own city pass the “Stockholm card”, promising the visitor a good deal for his/her trip to the capital of Scandinavia. But does it really worth it?

Well, it depends! I have done the maths for you,  and it’s pretty complicated. But keep reading and let me guide you through the labyrinth of the Stockholm card.

Should you buy the Stockholm card or not?

1. Are you a student?

Students, don’t buy the card! You can still have an awesome experience for cheaper than the price of the card. You can get students discounts and use some smart Stockholm budget hacks.

2. What would you like to do?

The Stockholm card includes free transportation plus free entry to 80+ sites in the capital. While you should buy the card or not depends on how you would like to spend your time in Stockholm.

I have listed below the most “popular” and expensive attractions included in the card. Have a look and and note sites you plan to visit. Be reasonable, you won’t do everything in 2 days!
  • Royal palace – 150SEK
  • Drottningholm palace – 120SEK
  • Vasa museum, Sweden’s most popular museum – 130SEK
  • Stadshuset, the City hall where Nobel Price dinner is held – 100SEK
  • Skansen, open air museum and zoo – 100/170SEK depending on season
  • Fotografiska, museum of photography – 120SEK
  • Moderna Museum – 120SEK
  • Gröna Lunda, attraction park – 110SEK
You can read more about all attractions included in the Stockholm card here.


3. Price and value for money

Use the table below and your attraction wish list to evaluate if you should buy the Stockholm card or a public transportation pass only.

 Validity & price 24h / 495SEK 48h / 650SEK 72h / 795SEK
 Price to “rentabilize” (vs transportation pass) 495 – 115 = 380sek 650 – 230 = 420sek 795 – 230 = 565sek
 Attractions to do 3 – 4 4 5

4. What about guided tour, sightseeing by bike or boat?

It is correct that the Stockholm card also includes guided tours, bike and boat tours. If you are hesitating about buying the card, check alternative options for these tours in my Budget tips for a trip to Stockholm .

Note that 2 options for boat tours are included in the card: “Royal canal tour” or “Historical tour”. “Under the bridges” is the most popular and beautiful tour but is not included.

If you really want to take part in a biking sightseeing tour, take the card as the tour itself already costs 300SEK.

5. Little Big Explorations’ opinion on the Stockholm card

If you plan on doing a few attractions, buy it for 24h/36h and make the most of it. Then just buy a normal public transportation card or bike!

How to make the most of the Stockholm card

1. A smart schedule

Check the opening hours of each attraction you want to do in advance and organize your time.

For example, in summer you can visit the Royal palace on the morning, go to Skansen before lunch, and picnic there during your visit. You can finish the day at Fotografiska, open till 9pm or 11pm depending on days.

Note also that in summer the Vasa museum opens at 8.30am -good also to avoid crowds.

Drottningholm palace is a tricky one to place in your schedule: it takes time to get there while other attractions are just a short subway or bus ride away and it is open on restricted hours only (10.00-16.30 in summer, even less in the rest of the year). If you go there on the opening, you may be able to fit another attraction at the end of the afternoon.

2. Be careful when you activate it

The card is valid for 24h/72h, not necessary per day so take advantage of it! You can for example activate your 24h card around lunch the first day, we can then do your 3 or 4 attractions over 2 days.

3. Don’t forget it includes public transportation

If your card is still valid at the end of your stay and you have to go to Arlanda airport, take the pendel tåg (commuter train). You will only have to pay an additional fee of 75SEK.

Happy sightseeing!

Note: I have no commercial deal with the Stockholm card, the post is based an my honest opinion.
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