Fun, beautiful and challenging: explore Stockholm running its triathlon!

Have you ever taken some city breaks that you can’t really recall? Ever wanted to see a city under a new light? Try something different: (re)discover Stockholm by participating in its triathlon!
In this post I am giving you 4 great reasons to try it, out of the eternal glory and the admiration of your friends. Ready? Go!

1. A Sunday in Stockholm that you will remember

I run Stockholm triathlon in 2012 (sprint distance) and can highly recommend to active travelers or locals who want to rediscover their city under a new angle. Yes, it might be at times a bit tough at times but definitely worths it. Exit vague memories of walking arounds or museum: this is definitely a trip that you will never forget. Oh and you will be so proud.

2. A fantastic track between water, bridge and historical buildings,

The triathlon is held in the most beautiful part of Stockholm, the one from the postcards. You will be swimming right next to the City Hall (Stadshuset), biking over Vasterbron, where you can embrace at once the city and run in the paved streets of the old town Gamla Stan, with the finish line by the Royal Castle. Just amazing surroundings with the traffic totally stopped. Warming: may be tricky to stay at concentrated!

Also, you will be surprised by how clean Stockholm waters are. It’s actually one of the priority of Stockholm council, making it highly enjoyable for swimmers.

Finally, the race is in August, when you should expect sunny and mild weather with warmer water, one of the best time to discover the city.


3. A varied and healthy training

Training for triathlon is a really good exercise, and it gives you a playful goal.  Because you will compete on a combination of 3 sports, you will train your complete body, in different situations, reducing risks of injuries or getting bored.

Also, it doesn’t really matter if you are not excellent at one sport (swimming for example), you can compensate with your other strengths.


4. A challenge adapted to your level and your ambitions

Yes, once you ass the finish line you can officially be called "triathlete" :-)!

Yes, once you cross the finish line you can officially be called “triathlete” :-)!

What I like about the Stockholm triathlon is that you can choose between 4 different formats depending on your goal, making the finish line accessible to anyone in good health with a bit of training.

  • sprint triathlon (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run): adapted for you who have never done triathlon but exercise regularly and look for a challenge.
  • super-sprint/beginner triathlon (400m swim, 10km bike, 2,5km run). new format introduced by Stockholm Triathlon this year, to give everyone a change to participate. Perfect if you usually don’t train a lot.
  • olympic triathlon (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run): intensive, you will need 6 months preparation or have to be already in really good shape. Maybe a good challenge for next year?
  • Another alternative is to team up and participate in relay. Each team member “runs” one sport for the team -i.e one person for swimming, one for biking and one for running- on the distance of your choice (super-sprint, sprint, olympic). It can be really fun to share this special moment with your friends and makes it easier to tackle a more ambitious format if you want to do so.


Make it happen!

  • Stockhom triathlon will be this year on the 26-27 August 2017.
  • Depending on your challenge choice, enrolling in Stockholn triathlon costs around 1000SEK. It’s not cheap, but keep in mind that half of the city is blocked for the triathlon.
  • Don’t wait too long to register, Stockholm triathlon is getting really popular, and organisation is expecting to have it sold out again this year.

Read more about the Stockholm triathlon on the official website.


What are your thoughts? Is is a way to discover a city you have tried/ would like to? Maybe still hesitating? Tell me!


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Top picture: credits Stockholm Triathlon

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