Itinerary Bosnia Herzegovina 5 days getaway

Go to Bosnia Herzegovina!

It’s just a short flight away from European capitals. It’s affordable (read: cheap for Europe). It’s has a lot to offer in a small country, meaning you can see a lot in a bit more than a weekend. Ice on the cake, it’s still uncrowded of tourists!

Go to BiH, discover Sarajevo

Go to BiH, discover Sarajevo

First time in Bosnia – what to do

I am sharing below a suggestion for a first visit to BiH. In 5 days the itinerary features various points of interest: trendy capital, scenic drive, UNESCO sites, postcard villages, rural landscapes in mountainous areas. The itinerary is concentrated in the south part of Herzegovina so you don’t have to spend hours on the roads.

Itinerary “Highlights of Bosnia Herzegovina” – 5 days

BiH itinerary

  • Day 1 and 2 – Explore Sarajevo. Stroll along the river and on pedestrian streets of the old Turkish quarter

2 tips to enjoy the ride:

  • Rent a car for days 2 and 3, it will give you more flexibility in your explorations
  • Pack a small Bosnian phrase book, it can come handy in the more rural areas (ex: Free WikiTravel resource)

Possible extension by the coast – one week Bosnia & Croatia

If you have a bit more time you could add 3 days in Dubrovnik, in Croatia. Count 2h30 of drive to reach the Adriatic coast + time to pass the border, which can vary a lot.

Starting your trip from Dubrovnik and driving up North (Dubrovnik – Mostar – Nerevta river – Sarajevo – Bjelasnica – Mostar – Dubrovnik) is a good alternative if there are no direct flights for you to Sarajevo.

Reader’s tip: extension/alternative to discover North Western Bosnia

Reader Zlatanap suggested in the comments an extension by north Western Bosnia if you like landscapes. He recommends for example Strbacki buk, Martin Brod, where you can do rafting as well as (scuba)diving in beautiful river Unac. You can catch a fly to/from Zagreb, as it’s located at the border with Croatia.

Another tip from Zlatanap was to see the stecke, which are mediaval tombstone scattered across Bosnia (”
Little big explorations’ comment: North Western Bosnia can easily be added at the end of your trip if you have a full week to discover Bosnia. You can then fly in Sarajevo and out from Zagreb. If you are short on time, choose between Neretva river and Una National Park, depending on what is ore practical for you with your global itinerary! Thanks Zlatanap for the tip!

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6 thoughts on “Itinerary Bosnia Herzegovina 5 days getaway

  1. zlatanap says:

    Happy to see non-bosnians to visit Bosnia. It is truly one of the most interesting countries in Europe (I find), though as you write not yet developed for tourism If you like the landscape I would suggest you to go to North-western part of Bosnia with for example Strbacki buk, Martin Brod, additional you can do rafting as well as (scuba)diving in Europes most beatiful river Una. To come there though it is easier to fly to Zagreb. Another suggestion is to go and see the stecke, which are mediaval tombstone scattered across Bosnia ( Welcome 🙂

    • Amandine says:

      Thanks for the tips zlatanap! Western Bosnia is on my list for next time I visit Bosnia as 5 days was a bit short.

      I will update the post with your input 🙂

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