Little Big Stockholm – my guide to Sweden’s capital

Little Big Stockholm, my guide to Sweden’s capital

Stockholm. I finally started to call the capital of Sweden my home.

Stockholm is a city that can be misunderstood at first. Just like its inhabitants, it may seem stiff and cold, but after more than 3 years living there as an expat, I got to know the places to go. My ambition is to share them with you and to help you enjoy different assets of the city, whether you are visiting Stockholm for a couple of days or for longer. I try to keep the balance before visitors’ musts and locals’ favorite.

Varmt Välkommen!

Stockholm view from Södermalm


Why go to Stockholm?

If you fly to the city on a bright, cloud free day, you will realize what the magic of Stockholm is about: built on 14 islands, the capital is 1/3 urban, 1/3 green and 1/3 of water. For your first time to Stockholm you will probably be amazed by Stockholm’s architecture, eccentric neighborhood, fashion and design stores, music scene or gastronomy and by the relaxing atmosphere of the capital.

When to go?

Visiting Stockholm in winter and in summer is 2 totally different experiences.

I will recommend a first visit in summer (May-September) to be able to enjoy long evenings and the city and take advantage of the parks and the water. Summer is also Swedes’ favorite season and sees coffee places popping up in parks and a more intense social life. Be ready for 3hours nights only!

If you are looking for something different, the vision of Stockholm under snow and ice is a real enchantment. With Christmas markets and buffets, sauna and skating to enjoy, it will for sure be also a great memory. Check my full article about visiting Stockholm in winter.

Fall and spring weather can be unstable, windy and rainy, so if you should come during these months, plan on doing mainly indoor activities.


Budget and itineraries

Budget tips for a trip to Stockholm How to enjoy Stockholm without emptying your bank account.
Does the Stockholm card worth it? The tourist card: a scam or a must, answers in this article.

Destinations in Stockholm

My 5 must do in Stockholm Perfect for the ones that are just passing by and wonder what to see.


Active guides

Winter activities in Stockholm: yes, you can combing skiing and city break by visiting the capital in winter.
Fun, beautiful and challenging: explore Stockholm running its triathlon! A great activity if you plan to visit in August.
Visit Stockholm biking: maps of biking lanes around the city (north part and south part)


Local insights:

  • Credit card are accepted everywhere, even if you just buy a coffee!
  • If you plan on eating out on weekends, it’s better to book a table or to be ready to queue for a long time.
  • Most of bars closes at 1pm so go out early. In lots of bars/night clubs, you need to be 21 or 23 years old to enter.
  • Sweden has a special shop to buy alcohol called Systembolaget, it closes at 7pm everyday except Saturdays (at 3pm) and is closed on Sundays, so plan ahead.


Other useful resources

Tourist information: as well as

Going around: for public transportation in Stockholm –> also available in app

“Taxi Stockholm” to call a cab  –> also available in app

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