“Traditional French crepes” to explore Mardi Gras (Recipe)

I remember, as kid – a teenager – and also even a young adult, coming back home on a Tuesday evening in February or early March, opening the door of the kitchen and feeling a delicious and familiar odor reaching my nose… Mum would then say “It’s Mardi Gras, It’s crepes tonight!” (Well she would say this in French of course).

Years later, even living far from home as an expat, I found myself excited about carrying on this tradition. Back in the days, Mardi Gras would be the last night of celebration prior to the fasting season of Lent, just before Easter. If the tradition of fasting or privation has pretty much disappeared in our “modern” societies, the celebration still remains and tonight I will be cooking crepes!

Get ready for a delicious party, to enjoy at full hands!

There are thousands of recipes for crepes, but the best one probably always remains the one from your childhood. The one below is my favorite, it’s traditional from the north of France with its touch of beer and comes from my nanny Tatie. It’s easy to make and will please any mouth!

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Locals in Kandy

From being back from Sri Lanka

As I lay down on my bed, closing my eyes and trying to sleep to recover from the jet lag. But something is wrong, and my brain would not want to sleep. The silence. Something I have not heard for 2 weeks. In Sri Lanka, my ear was constantly stimulated. And maybe for the first time, I listen to the silence. Behind the double glazing, I get wrapped by this deep, heavy silence and I almost got scarred.

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