Are you too old to take a gap year?

Warning: reading this post will make you want to quit your job and go travel!

Two years ago, I handled my resignation letter to quit my corporate job. A few months later it became reality when I left Europe with bags of excitement and a one way ticket to South America. This was the best decision of my life. I stay for 222 awesome days exploring this wonderful continent.

Since then, many people -friends or not- have questioned me about this experience. All are curious, and I can tell many are tempted to do the same even if they don’t really dare. Today, exactly a year after I came back from this wonderful adventure, I will answer the most asked questions ever about taking a career break and go travel.

Should I quit my job and go travel?

If you are asking yourself this question, you probably already know the answer.

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7 months itinerary in South America: a trip of a lifetime

Are you looking to spend several months travelling in South America? This article is for you! In June  24, 2014 we left Europe for a trip of a lifetime, exploring South America. It took us 222 days to go “From the Caribbean to the end of the world“. It was magic.


Highlights of 6 months in South America

This is always a difficult question: what did you like the most in South America? Impossible to pic one thing but here is a list of few experiences that make it to the “top list”.

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How much does it cost to travel 7 months in South America

“How much did you spend for the trip in South America?” This is probably the question that we have been asked the most since we came back from South America (ok maybe after “How was it?“). And I know that actually, many more didn’t dare to ask it. But it’s ok to ask. I have been so much under the charm of South America that I am whising everybody to have the opportunity to go and travel on this beautiful continent one day. People usually skip the continent because they think South America is too expensive for a long trip. But is it really?

During our 222 days (more than 7 months) in South America, we tracked our expenses on the road day by day and upon our return I did a proper financial reconciliation to check that our travel budget figures were right. – 🙂 Yes, that’s a professional deformation.

So here you get it all: the full break down of our spendings, cost item by cost item and country by country, figures you can use to plan your RTW trip, a 6 months long trip or even just a nice vacation in South America!

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About turning 28 after 222 days of travel in South America

Turning 28: awesome!

Turning 28: awesome!

Exactly one year year ago, on the 7th of February 2014, I gave myself the most extraordinary gift ever: I handled my resignation letter, quitting my corporate job to go on an amazing adventure. One year later the circle is complete: I am back and I am wondering who is that girl in the mirror. And this has little to do with the fact I haven’t seen myself much in a mirror these last months or that I have a brand new haircut. I am back the same, but different.


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