Adventures in the Gorges du Verdon, the Grand Canyon of Provence

“Provence”. The name probably makes you picture cute villages and lavender fields, but did you know that it is in this area that you can find one of Europe’s most grandiose canyon?
It looks like that:



A million years back, during the last ice age, the river found its way in the rocks, creating the Gorges du Verdon.


Difficult to seize properly the dimension of the Canyon on a picture… Try to imagine that the limestone walls are 700 m (higher than 2 Eiffel towers on top of each other!) and that the emerald river Verdon runs in the canyon over 25 kilometres, creating a fantastic playground for outdoor lovers.  By foot, by car, by canoe or climbing, discover in this article the many ways to explore this jewel of Provence.

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5 ways to get close to glaciers in Patagonia

 Ever since I watched the fantastic documentary Chasing Ice by James Balog (see the trailer here) I have been fascinated by glaciers. I wanted to get close to them, to touch them, to explore them. In Patagonia, my dreams became true.
The glaciers of Patagonia are among the most accessible in the world. Did you know that the Southern Patagonian ice field is actually the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water? It stretches between Chile and Argentina, over 12.000sqkm. It feeds more than 40 glaciers in the area among them the famous Perito Moreno (El Calafate,  Argentina) but also glaciers Viedma (El Chalten, Argentina) and Grey (NP Torres del Paine, Chile) , all really accessible to the active traveler.
Getting close to glaciers is the number one  on the list of my must do in Patagonia.

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A guide to prepare your visit to the falls of Iguazu



You can hear them from far, way before you can get a glimpse of them. A constant throb, deafening. More than 1.700 m3/second.  More than 270 falls spread over 2.700m (almost 2 miles) in a semi circular shape. Iguazu Falls are a gigantic nature wonder. At the border of Brazil and Argentina, the falls have everything to get on every traveller’s bucket list. Here are my tips to get the best out of your visit to the cataracts.

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Snorkelling in Galapagos: because you don´t need to dive to see sharks (or sea turtles)


“Did you say sharks?”

I never thought I would ever swim with sharks. I recently took my diving open water certificate, but I didn´t really feel at my ease, so I started to accept that I will never see sharks and other sea turtles in wildlife. So when the sales guy from the agency talked about seeing sharks during a snorkelling session in Galapagos, I was suspicious. Was it one of his sales trick?

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Diving in the Galapagos in 2 min

With clear waters and a large variety of marine species, the Galapagos archipelago is considered as one of the best spots in the world to dive.

Adnan went down to 20m below the surface to check what the buzz was all about. Here is what he saw:

Make it happen: diving in the Galapagos

  • Dozens of diving agencies are competing on the Galapagos islands and it might be difficult to make an educated choice. Don´t go too cheap to preserve your security. A day tour with 2 dives cost around $170.
  • Choose your spot wisely (the diving school is the best one to advise you depending on your level). Gordon Rock, is one of the most popular diving spots of Galapagos but you need to be experienced (minimum 30 dives).
  • Be aware that the Galapagos islands are both cursed and blessed with strong currents, making diving over there challenging for beginners. On the flip side, this means that there is plenty of life under there!

A short guide to Taganga, backpacker paradise

You might come to Taganga for the diving -one of the cheapest place in the world to take your PADI open water certification – but you will stay for the rest. It’s not that the beach is that nice, nor that the city is the biggest party place of Colombia. But Taganga has everything that backpackers like: the proximity of the beach for the lazy feeling, plenty of hostels and restaurants for the service, cheap menu del dia for your budget, happy hours for distraction, and a good base to explore the region and the underwater world.

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