What to taste and where to eat in Sarajevo, BiH

Bosnian’s gastronomy is an another great reason to visit the country. Its cuisine is a mix, mainly dominated by Turkish and Greek influences. In this article, 3 local specialties and 3 addresses in Sarajevo to taste them during your Bosnian getaway.

3 tasty reasons to visit Bosnia


Enjoy a traditionnal Cevapčići

Enjoy a traditionnal Cevapčići

The Cevapčići is a “sort of” Kebab filled with minced meat sausages and served with chopped onions. In many places you can choose to order 5, 10 or 15 pieces of meat in your bread. 5 for a snack is more than enough. 10 will keep you full – and heavy- for half a day. Cevapčići is better enjoyed with a glass of yogurt, as the fresh drink balances the fat of the dish.

Where to try: Željo Čevabdžinica, Kundurdziluk , Sarajevo

The place is an institution, named after Sarajevo’s professional football club. You can choose to take away but why not take a corner table, sit back and observe the comings and goings of the staff, everyone with an assigned task.


Burek or pita

National dish, the burek even gave its name to an album of local pop icon Dino Merlin (see my Sarajevo post). It’s a baked pastry made of dough and filled with vegetables, cheese (pita) or minced meat (burek). Order yogurt with it – yes, again.

The spinach and cheese one is my favorite, it’s also a good option after a couple of days in Bosnia when you are close to meat indigestion!

Where to try: Buregdzinica Sac, Mali Bravadziluk 2, Sarajevo

This the family business has been existing for 2 centuries. It’s considered as one of the best burek in town by locals.

 Baklava and coffee

Coffee is one of the rare words that is different in Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian language. Because it is so important in the Balkans’ social life.

Bosanska kafa is a strong coffee, prepared like Turkish coffee. Toss a sugar cup in the cup to reduce the bitterness. Don’t drink the sludge.
Locals love their coffee with some sweets such as baklava which is also a great dessert. Nuts allergy? stay away from it, the popular pastry is made with honey and chopped nuts.

Where to try: Inat Kuca, Veliki Alifakovac 1, Sarajevo

Difficult to find bad coffee in Bosnia. I am recommending this place, for its location and its view on the National Library, perfect for a break if you are exploring the city by feet.

Inat Kuca, ideal place for a Bosnian coffee

Inat Kuca, ideal place for a Bosnian coffee


Meat lovers land

I am not a vegetarian myself, but I would guess it can be quite challenging to keep on that diet in this country. Bosnian love eating meat. Most of the population does not eat pork (except the ones from Christian background), therefore mainly lamb is consumed, and beef.


Now it’s your turn, what is your Bosnian favourite specialty? Share it in the comments and I will update the article!

This post is part of a serie about Bosnia Herzegovina.