The road Potosi – Uyuni: a great day on the road

It didn´t started that well. As often in Bolivia, a man in a suit started his long and loud sales speech for some miraculous medecine as soon as the bus started rolling.

But as soon as we got out of town (and got rid of the sales guy by the same occasion), we realized the journey Potosi – Uyuni will be among the most pleasant.

The road was good, obviously one of Evo Morales´ last mandate’s investment, serpenting through the mountains and the altiplano. Duns of rocs and sand, mining cities, dramatic canyons and llamas crossing the road: we got it all, under a beautiful immaculate blue sky. And after 4h of enchantement, far away, the first glimpse of the world’s biggest salt desert and at its door: the little town of Uyuni.

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It´s not everyday that I can say it´s fun to travel all across South America by bus… but today it was.

Little Big Explorations recommands:

If your Bolivia trip head off to the west side, this a beautiful road not to miss! Bikers will love it and bus travelers should make sure to cover it during day time to enjoy the fantastic landscapes.

It takes around 4h between Potosi and Uyuni and will cost you around 30 bolivianos by bus.

Get the window seat!

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