Tips for Sri Pada/ Adam’s Peak hike (Sri Lanka)

For lots of travellers who went to Sri Lanka, the hike of Adam’s Peak which combines climbing a 2200m peak and diving into buddhism spirituality and traditions,  is one of the highlights of their trip. (You can read the story of my own pilgrimage to get an idea). Thinking about doing it yourself? Good pick, here are a few tips for making it happen!

Sri Pada’s shadow over the cloudy summits of the hill country.

Tips about the Sri Pada/ Adam’s Peak

  • Access to Sri Pada: Most of travellers leave from Dalhousie, which is the “shortest” way (5km). Connection to Dalhousie are limited, you can take a bus from Kandy and may have to change to Hatton (leave early enough to avoid missing the last bus).
  • Stay: The village has a few hotel and guesthouses. We stayed at Green House, literally at the beginning of the track.
  • When to go: Pilgrimage season (December – May) brings a particular spirituality to your journey, and the trail is illuminated. Check the local calendar and avoid poya day, when the crowd of pilgrims can make your ascension really slow.
  • Practical: Pack water and snacks. It’s cold and windy at the top, bring a warm jacket. Most locals do it barefoot but you will probably prefer to wear conformable shoes/ trainers. Bring a hat for your way down as the sun is already strong even if it’s early.
  • It takes between 2h 1/2 and 4h to get to the top. Sunset is around 6.30am. Leave early enough you certainly don’t want to miss it!

Buddhist ceremony at the top of Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak)

Difficulty: easy to medium. Accessible to people in decent condition. You need to be able to walk for 6 hours. The difficult part is the continuous amount of stairs at the end, take it at your own pace.

Safety: The trail is really safe, there is no risk of falling at all, and you will be fine even if you are afraid of heights (no cliffs).

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